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About Tourism Cases

Tourism Cases: the scope

The case studies within CABI’s Tourism Cases database are contributed by tourism practitioners and academics from all over the world. They are written for serious readers, whether students, teachers, academics, public stakeholders or industry practitioners, in a style that is accessible.

The cases describe a situation or development relating to tourism, leisure, hospitality or events; the focus of the case study may be business or it may concern planning issues, community relations or protection of the environment. Any issue relating to tourism, leisure or events may be covered.

CABI’s Tourism Cases tell a story, providing enough information to apprehend why the action took place the way it did. It may inspire, but above all it leads the reader to a better understanding of the example and of the principles that it illustrates.

ISSN 2788-5607

How to gain access to the full text cases

There are two types of access to retrieve the full text of Tourism Cases

• Institutional Access
Any institution, school or organisation wishing to subscribe or purchase archive collections of Tourism Cases, for multi-person usage should contact

• Personal Subscription
For a single-user, a 1-year subscription to the full text of all case studies is just £35, you can register for an account and purchase access online

(please note, a personal subscription may not be used for classroom or commercial use).

List of cases and sample material

Here you can download the list of published cases.

For more information The CABI brochure on Tourism Cases can be downloaded

The following case studies are available as a taster to the type of cases we have available, each with ‘Exploring the Case’ teaching notes for deeper understanding in the classroom and as part of independent learning.

• Managing Tourism in the Arctic – also see Exploring Notes
 Blue Ridge Music Trails – also see Exploring Notes
• Preserving the Ifugao Rice Terraces – also see Exploring Notes

Get involved via the ‘The Bridge’

If you are a person or an organisation that has a story to tell or good case material, but not the resources or skills to turn it into a finalised case study, CABI can arrange for your case to be written. Complete the Case Proposal Form and return to

Many schools, universities and consultancies are looking for good case material and are keen to make contact with members of the tourism industry. They may have writers (post-graduate students or consultants) who can turn this raw material into finalised case studies, formatted to CABI’s requirements. We call such a collaboration, facilitated by CABI, ‘The Bridge’.

If you are interested in being involved in The Bridge as a case owner or part of a university post-graduate programme, please contact Claire Parfitt