Submit a case study directly, using Scholar One

– If you have an outline of a case study you would like to write, you can submit a Case Proposal Form


– If you have a full case study, you can submit it directly on Scholar One using the Title Page template and the Main Case template

Most case studies also have additional teaching notes called ‘Exploring the Case’ which are submitted using the Exploring the Case template 

When submitting a case study please refer to the Submission Guidelines.

The Bridge

If you are a person or an organisation that has a story to tell or good case material, but not the resources or skills to turn it into a finalised case study, CABI can arrange for your case to be written. Complete the Case Proposal Form and return to

Many schools, universities and consultancies are looking for good case material and are keen to make contact with members of the tourism industry. They may have writers (post-graduate students or consultants) that can turn this raw material into finalised case studies, formatted to CABI’s requirements. We call such a collaboration, facilitated by CABI, ‘The Bridge’.

If you are interested in being involved in The Bridge as a case owner or part of a university post-graduate programme, please contact Claire Parfitt

Become a Partner

The continued development of Tourism Cases is made possible by partnerships with organisations that can contribute relevant cases. These will include:

      • Universities and schools involved in the research and teaching of tourism, events, hospitality, recreation and leisure.
      • International organisations and consultancies that undertake research, provide advisory services and produce reports on tourism.
      • Tourism operators of all kinds, including commercial and private partnerships, territorial managers such as National Parks, tourism operator associations and representatives of the industry.
      • All private and public organisations that provide funding, expertise and other support to tourism development on the ground, working at the national, regional or local level.


We are seeking partners from all the categories above, each sharing their experience according to their mission and expertise. The contributing organisation benefits through greater visibility of the work that they are doing and as supporters of sustainable tourism development.

For more information on becoming a partner please contact Claire Parfitt