The Bridge:
Connect with real people in the tourism industry

A bank of tourism industry leads, ready for you to transform into publishable case studies

Many organizations all over the world are creating new ways of running sustainable, ethical tourism practices. But before their stories are shared, their advancements, learnings, and skills that could revolutionize the industry remain hidden. 

At the same time, hundreds of schools, universities, and consultancies are hunting for ways to build their connections with active professionals in the industry to enhance learning and publish more research. 

By using our resources as a global non-profit, we’ve created a live bank of industry contacts with fantastic stories ready to share. Then, we’re connecting these individuals with organizations around the world who want more publication opportunities and to broaden their network.

We call this collaboration: The Bridge.

“It’s so exciting to know that the case study
I created will inform the tourism industry
in the same way it informed me.”

SKEMA Business School Student using The Bridge

How does it work?

If you have a story
to tell…

But not the resources to turn it into a case study, reach out to Tourism Cases Product Manager Claire Parfitt. With 20 years of experience in tourism publishing, she can help you organize your information ready for a writer to potentially transform it into a case.

If you want to network and
find industry examples…

Claire Parfitt can grant you access to our bank of tourism contacts with case opportunities from across the industry, and support you through the production process.


The impacts

On students

“It’s so exciting to know that the case study I created will inform the tourism industry in the same way it informed me.”

Hear how working with The Bridge impacted SKEMA Business School student Katie Seabolt’s career

On faculty staff

“CABI Tourism Case Studies has been invaluable, as I am now able to access timely, relevant, and short case studies on a variety of topics from a single source.”

Find out how collaborating with The Bridge impacted Algonquin’s leading Tourism course.

On businesses

“It is wonderful to see that there are bright young women coming into the Tourism world to whom we will be passing the torch!”

Learn how The Bridge has impacted case study participant, Maricruz Pereira, founder of Unique Adventures.

Read cases published using The Bridge

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