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The Heritage of a Historic Farmhouse in Rural Catalonia

Oriane Louis, Marta Valls I Pi, Samuel Rajerinera, Agnès Sanjivy, Chuhong Zhu, David Ward-Perkins, Skema Business School


L’Avenc de Tavertet, a historic building in rural Catalonia, is a family-run tourism accommodation provider, primarily offering self-catering cottages, away from city life, in a spectacular setting. The old farmhouse of L’Avenc is considered to be one of the best, most authentic examples of rural architecture in Catalonia. The Parris family, who bought the property in 1997, soon came to realize that occupation of the farmhouse came with a responsibility in terms of protection of the site and its memory. This case study tells of how they have managed to reconcile these responsibilities with the running of a small, successful tourism business. It also recounts the development of their relationship with the population of Tavertet, initially suspicious of outsiders who had purchased a building of local historical importance but now appreciative of their role in the community.


Written on the basis of material provided by Tammy Abey Parris and Belinda Parris of L’Avenc de Tavertet, in the context of Skema’s Strategic Market Projects programme.


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