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Real examples inspire real change

70% of students are considering
dropping out of university.

Students often struggle to see the path from their studies to their future career. With the added pressures of COVID-19, it’s never been more critical to keep students grounded, engaged and inspired.

Tourism Cases offers lecturers and librarians access to real examples of how responsible tourism strategy has changed the world for the better. Our case studies help students explore the tangible impacts of tourism research, showing them how their studies can become a sustainable future. 

‘I discovered the story of an inspiring, powerful, and engaged lady, her country, region and culture.
hank you for this enriching adventure.’

SKEMA Business School Student using Tourism Cases

Real life impact

All our cases represent real strategies undertaken by active international organizations  


Easily searchable, our case studies can be viewed online from anywhere or downloaded as pdfs

Peer reviewed

Every case is rigorously peer
 by leading universities
and our Editor in Chief

Everything you need to run exceptional classes with ease. 

We publish an average of 100 cases a year, covering the latest developments in responsible tourism, so you’ll always have content to share.

Alongside this, many of our case studies also come with ‘Exploring notes’ designed to support lecturers and librarians in creating discussion points and lesson plans with ease.  

Trusted globally

What you’ll get

… and much more!

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